Marma Tradition

The Marma Tradition is very old and its origins stretch back thousands of years to the great Seer Agasthya Muni. The tradition took root in South Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Marma points (Marma's) have come to be known as "pressure points" in the West. They are actually more profound then just that, but original meanings get diluted in translations.

There are 108 Marma points on the body. Such points can be used specifically for the diagnosis and treatment of disease or to more generally promote good health and longevity. If any of these Marma points are damaged then this will negatively effect the normal functioning of the body in various ways. Marma's also constitute one of the main pillars of Ayurvedic thought and practice and are known as centres for Prana. In turn, Prana (akin to life-force) is the master power behind both physical and mental processes. Prana is the very source of the three doshas mentioned so frequently in Vedic (classical Indian) medical traditions, the best known of which is Ayurveda. The three doshas are Vata, Pitta and Kapha, the balance of these doshas leads to good health.

Basic Marma therapy is also used as a part of most Ayurvedic treatments nowadays, although this was not the case until relatively recently. What is offered at the Agasthya Marma Centre is "specialist" Marma Treatment, the knowledge, application and experience of which goes back many hundreds of years and has been kept and passed down within the family.

Like most traditions originating from the Vedic civilisation it was integrally united with other Vedic knowledge systems such as Yoga, Ayurveda and the Martial Arts. Thus, Marma's are also to be considered as key energy centres for serious yoga practitioners and for those who meditate, as they are connected to the subtle body through Nadis and Chakras. Afflicted Marma points will impact these respective practices and will likely hinder potential further development.


Marma Therapy

Marma therapy works directly with Prana, using the Marma points as Pranic switches. In fact, Marma therapy is the most direct method of harmonizing prana in the physical body of another person. Through correct manipulation of Marma's, prana can be directed to remove blockages, improve energy flows or tap hidden energy reserves and make connections with the greater powers of life and nature.Using highly specialised Marma therapies to directly stimulate these points is very effective in treating a whole host of diseases and problems ranging from broken bones and injured nerves to skin diseases and spinal problems, such is the range of these therapies. In fact, the uses of Marma Therapy are almost unlimited for health care and have thus formed a cornerstone of traditional Indian medicine. We will list further below, just some of the problems that Sachi has treated with excellent results.

About Vaidya Physician Sachi

K.Sachidanandan (Sachi), the Vaidya (Physician) has 25 years of practical hands on experience of Marma Treatment and the martial art of Kalari, also known to as Adi Thada, in addition to formal traditional education spanning 12 years. The Marma tradition has been passed down Sachi's family from generation to generation, by word of mouth. This way immense practical knowledge and experience has been cultivated and refined over a long period of time. This knowledge, known locally as Marma Chikitsa, is the speciality of Sachi's Varna (correct term for what is now described as caste) and originated in Tamil Nadu.
Vaidya physician Sachi

Sachi has successfully treated people from all around the world; please take a look at the Testimonial section. Although until now, only those lucky enough to hear of him by word of mouth have benefitted from Sachi's amazing healing skills.

At this centre, Sachi will be involved in the full treatment plan, from preparing medicines himself to giving you the special Marma massage treatment. This is in contrast to many commercial places where you will be placed on a conveyor belt of processes, attended to by different people. The genuine, non-commercial atmosphere here at Agasthya Marma Centre will be self evident. Below is a list of just some of the treatments Sachi has effectively given concerning;

  • All manner of broken and fractured bone treatments
  • All manner of nerve injuries
  • Kidney problems
  • Heart problems
  • Head problems
  • Arthritis, Paralysis and Rheumatoid problems
  • Some Mental conditions
  • Skin problems
  • Back problems including disc injuries.


In order to determine what course of treatment is necessary, the physician first assesses the client's personal body constitution and type with a physical examination. Depending upon the severity of the complaint (disease), it is recommended that as a guide the patient makes themselves available from anywhere between 7 - 41 days to see the full effect of the treatment plan.

Once a plan of treatment has been decided, a combination of highly specialised massage techniques, which include the direct stimulation of the Marma points, massage with the feet, diet control and special internal herbal medicines all, can potentially combine to make a uniquely powerful medicine. Importantly, most of the medicines will be made freshly by Sachi using only natural ingredients. The knowledge of these herbal concoctions is highly coveted by the exponents of this tradition.

Sachi with patient

Kalari martial art training. Sachi's formal study and initiation commenced when he was 18, with his Asan (Master) Rajeyan, for a period of 12 continuous years. This form of martial arts is intricately connected with the Marma Philosophy. Thus, Sachi is an allround expert in the Marma Tradition.

Therapeutic Marma massages also offered outside of a treatment plan

Accommodation and food are also available