Joanie MacKenzie, Vancouver, Canada

"I have just completed a 10 day treatment for arthritis. I have been very impressed with the skill of Sachi in the understanding of the anatomy of the shoulder - I am very happy with how I feel today and look forward to continued healing. I will be back again!"

Val Wood, India

"Sachi straightened my left forearm which had been slightly twisted as the result of breaking my wrist four years ago. I can now make a full fist and bend my wrist properly. I will be back!"

Liselotte, Sweden

"Staying here gave me an insight in the genuineness of the medicines and oils used. For two days, two huge pots was boiling over fire with an enormous amount of plants and herbs - later to become my medicine and oil. Sachi in my eyes is a genuine healer, with heart and integrity...The marma system seems strong and has such an incredibly positive effect on the system. My body structure is definitely better..."

Daniel Murphy, USA

"My first massage, just wiped me out. I could hardly stay awake through it and was extremely tired, needing a nap afterwards. Then I went to bed directly after getting home to my room. When I awoke later that night, I felt some energy coming out of my core and radiating towards my outer edges. It was all the stress I had been carrying, all the overwork, all the screen time in front of TV & computer....I began to feel myself for the first time in so long a time."

Clare Hammond, UK

"Thank you for all your care and gentle hospitality....for helping me, after I have endured 7 years of pain and partial paralysis in my back and legs, to feel I have finally turned a corner and will make a full recovery! I will be back to finish the remarkable progress of this short but for me, so important week."

Rodenldz Pitzinger, Switzerland

"I was amazed how good I felt after the treatment. You are a true healer, who exactly knows what you are doing."

Kenny Jones, Portland, USA

"My wife suffered a stroke some years ago and Sachi was able to help her regain some strength in her right side as well as correct her left arm and shoulder, which has been over compensating...I sincerely wish every good thing for this wonderful, giving family."

Alex Pilsworth, UK

"Thankyou - my back feels better already. It has been great. The three massages were all fantastic and very relaxing. Thanks again."

Lisa Manheim, USA

"Sachi is totally attentive to the flow of energy in my body each time. His touch is sensitive and knowing & intuitive. I know I am in the presence of a Master body & energy worker. Thank you Sachi - I am grateful & honoured to know you."

Walter Hoert, Italy

"It was a tough treatment but it was worth it (Mukut oil). Thanks for your care."

Antonella, Italy

"Yes, Mukut oil was tough but worth it and your treatment, your care and kindness excellent. Thank you for your help."

Nan, USA

"Almost 8 years of wonderful, wondrous healing care.....I thank you!

There have been comments in German and Italian which have been impossible to copy over from the testimonial book which Sachi has kept over the years, due to a lack of knowledge with these languages on the part of the creator of this website, a patient of SachiĆ­s from the UK.